Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhone 5 To Land On U.K Carriers On 13th Of September (report)

September is almost near and leaks are still continuing. We are also in hope like you people for the next gen iPhone and much more to be announced. If you haven’t missed so iOS 5 is also around the corner and waiting to be released in this Fall.

Now according to cultofmac U.K carrier are confirming the release of iPhone 5 by Mid of September. It also confirms that 02 U.K Carrier have planed to sell out iPhone withing 3 weeks to put on iPhone 5 on displays.

“The following is to advise that we are removing the old iPhone unitary between the 22nd August and the 12th September. This is a 3 week programme which will see all iPhone unitary swapped out for new iPhone unitary, and will of course prepare us for the launch of the new smart phone. At the same time we are installing an International Favourites bay to stores that can accommodate the unit, as well as replacing the existing magazine stand with a new freestanding stand.”

The Carrier reports that the launch will take place on 13th of September. The day will be Tuesday. What we think after rounding up the rumors is that the iPhone will come some where in first week of October.