Sat. May 28th, 2022

Iphone 5 To Have Samsung Exynos Based 4 Quad Core Processor

The latest buzz all around is that of Apple iPhone 5 to be featuring or being based on the Samsung Exynos 4 quad core processor. This time, Apple has not caught the attention of the customers about redesigned case, larger display screen or concepts, but it is about processor which the next gen iPhone will be featuring.

The Android Smartphones such as HTC One X and Galaxy SIII feature the quad core processor and so to compete with them, the Apple iPhone 5 will surely use something strong and powerful.

iPhone’s largest competitor is Galaxy SIII, the flagship phone by Samsung that is also powered by the quad core processor. The Smartphone by Samsung has received great positive reviews already.

The latest rumor by some unidentified source says that Apple’s iPhone 5 will be powered by similar processor like the SIII. As per the sources in tech industry, Apple brand is expected to be releasing the next gen iPhone 5 built on the Exynos 4 quad core processor by Samsung. Apple may name the processor as A6 processor.

The present rumors claim that the Apple A6 processor will be based on the Exynox 4 quad core processor but it is still not clear whether this will have the same chip or whether Apple will have some optimizations for its chip version.

If the news is true, then it will be the very first time that iPhone will be powered by better processor when compared with iPad. Indeed, this will be the most powerful of all the processors till date. Surely we expect the brand to use the statement “This iPhone is far faster and powerful than the iPhone 4S.”

So, let’s wait for the iPhone 5 to get released in the markets to see what actually provides to the users.