Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iPhone 5 To Come With Rectangular Home Button (Confirmed)

So it’s time to tell you an interesting news about the iPhone 5 design, couple of days ago Apple released a beta software update to its Photo Stream software and filled it up with some interesting graphics icon of iPhone, which seems to be like an icon of iPhone 5, and guess what the icon also suggests the rumored design changes, an extended display along with larger rectangular home button with edge-to-edge display. The new icon of iPhone 5 is popped up in the latest beta update of Photo Stream and caught by the folks of 9to5mac, those who have firstly claimed the design change of iPhone 5.

As you can see above in the image, the icon of iPhone before the instruction “Take a photo with your iPhone” suggests extended display and rectangular home button, gents over 9to5mac has done a great job by zooming the image into pixels level and count the pixels of home button, the rectangular button is based on 4 pixels by 2 pixels. The new icon of iPhone confirms the design change of iPhone 5 and also weighs the all recent design change rumors; firstly we heard this thing back from the guys of “thisismynext”.


Stay in touch with us, many rumors suggests that Apple to release iPhone 5 somewhere in next month.


(Via 9to5mac)