Sat. May 28th, 2022

iPhone 5 To Be Slimmer and Compatible On 4G LTE Across All Networks

Just like all of you, we also don’t give any weight to the analyst claims especially in Apple’s iOS devices rumors, but still our mission is to deliver the latest crunch from analysts and sources to our readers. However, it appears that latest analyst prediction regarding the iPhone 5 comes from Morgan Stanley’s Katy Huberty. According to the Morgan Stanley’s analyst, iPhone 5 is said to be slimmer and to carry a quad-core Qualcomm chip with the capabilities of 3G and LTE compatibility across all networks.

Like all the recent rumors regarding iPhone 5, which we have heard from different sources, this analyst is also predicting that Apple’s iPhone 5 will land in the market by the third quarter of this year, similarly to the iPhone 4S launch last year.

iPhone 5 specs

Most of the Huberty’s claims seem to be in weight this time, because according to the recent claims from sources, and different personalities in the market, we have learned that it is possible to deliver the thinner iPhone with new display technology along with higher quality in the hands of customers. In addition to the Huberty’s claim, last month with the launch of iOS 5.1 beta we come across to the references suggesting in the testing beta that Apple has been testing quad core powered devices with iOS 5.1.

However, we could not sit with the claim of Huberty with the line that iPhone 5 will support all networks on 3G and LTE 4G network, because according to the Apple they will not roll out a device in the market until they don’t get all the networks updated on same protocols. In the beginning of this year, we have read the couple of claims from all the present carriers in the US that they will soon move their self to the proper 4G LTE network, so we can only expect 4G LTE iPhone from Apple.