Sat. Sep 18th, 2021

iPhone 5 Start Shipping in September with Faster Processor (Report)

Day after day, we are hearing new rumors about the launch and new specifications of Apple’s 5th generation iPhone, this time report came from Reuters says that iPhone 5 will enter in production line in July and likely shipping will beging in September. This news looks some legitimate because of the some last rumors also indicates these dates and Apple also typically holds a media event in the start week of September, so this event would be the prefect time to show the iPhone 5.


Apple Inc suppliers will begin production of its next-generation iPhone in July this year, with the finished product likely to begin shipping in September, three people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.

Report from Reuters also says that the new iPhone 5 will look similar to the iPhone 4 but it have faster processor than iPhone 4, The faster processor will likely be the Dual-Core A5 processor that was introduced alongside the iPad.