Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone 5 Spotted In a Ad By Target ?

Today a reader named @ryansiems shared the picture of iPhone 5 onĀ technobuffalo which he spotted while going back from school in a Target Ad. The image shared is a like the iPhone 4 round cornered, the same as iPhone 3GS.

In the above picture the iPhone is slimmer and round shaped and it also reveals that it got a bigger screen. So the question arises that is this really the next gen iPhone? Well probably not because this is just an advertisement and it is possible that the company might have told the marketing team to come up with any good design and idea so they can communicate with mobile retailers.

But what we think is that they might have got the idea from the iPhone 5 new case design which also says the same thing. Take this image as a Rumor for the timeĀ  being because you never know when the speculations and rumors become true about iPhone. Like the iPhone 4 was leaked in a Bar.