Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 5 Specifications & Launch Date Revealed: Coming in Fall, 1 GB RAM, NFC, LTE

iPhone 5 Specifications & Launch Date

Earlier this month, we learned lot of information about the upcoming iPhone 5 from the rumors mill. Some suggested iPhone 5 is entered into the production scale before the expected dates, which mean we will see the iPhone 5 coming out between August and September time-frame. However, today another report comes to our desk, which clearly opposes that upcoming iPhone 5 has yet to reach the production phase, and still in the engineering phase. The report comes from the BGR editor; the site has some sketchy track back in revealing information regarding upcoming iOS devices.

iPhone 5 Specifications & Launch Date
According to their sources, the iPhone 5 is still in the testing phase by high profile engineers of Apple, and one of the engineering devices entered into the very limited production phase which only covers the internal seeding of the device to make it more perfect before the public launch. BGR claims the earlier reports were incorrect, as their sources are more confirmed than the Wall Street Journal source who claimed that iPhone 5 entered into the massive production. We also believe that iPhone 5 is not completely entered upon the production phase, as the Apple is known for their perfection on the devices, and they can’t let any device go into the production before hard core testing.

Let me bring some light on the miss hits of BGR in the past. On the WWDC 2012, they reported Apple is about to launch the Software Development Kit for the Apple TV Developers, who will allow them to produce Apple TV applications and other utilities, but Apple didn’t release any tool for the Apple TV Developers. On some other occasion, they also reported that Apple would release the iTV in the last quarter of 2012, but they have not yet announced anything about it. In addition, to Apple’s announcement, not a single source also claimed that iTV was coming this fall.