Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone 5 Rumors Point Towards A 4-inch Screen Display

If you are one of the lucky users of Apple’s iPhone, so you must be aware of the timely or yearly rumors of the new iDevices every time. Rumors are like a gum to Apple. Before the release of any new iDevice or news, we get tons of rumors about the upcoming iDevice from before which leads to increase our hopes. Whenever there is any new event coming up of Apple, we always expect a new release of any iDevice.  The rumors before the event go so high that they make us believe that the particular thing will be debuting at that event.

When iPhone 4S was about to be revealed, we expected that a new iPhone with the name of iPhone 5 will debut with a complete redesign. When the iPhone came out, it was iPhone 4S the same design with some inner changes and a new processor-A 5.  After the release of iPhone 4S, the rumors about iPhone 5 didn’t died. They were alive and waiting for the right time to arrive.

The biggest rumors are of iPhone 5 and iPad 3. The next iPhone is said to be coming with a larger screen. The new iPhone is said to be coming with a 4-inc LCD screen. The larger screen in the next iPhone is strongly rumored.

Susquehanna Financial analyst Chris Caso says that the next iPhone will have a screen size of 3.7 to 4-inch, but Apple stuck to its usual 3.5-inch screen. Apple might be thinking to increase the size of its iPhone screen because of the large screen competition currently going in the market. Every new competitor is making a Phone with 4-inch or larger screen. The best example is of Android Phones. Those Phones are carrying large screens with a 4-inch display.

What we think is that the size of the screen shouldn’t matter in a Phone. The Phone must be easy to use and handful to carry on. Meanwhile the large sized screens of Phones make the look go worst. The 3.5-inch screen Phone is a perfect fit for a human’s hand. Anything above that is very difficult to carry on.

We shouldn’t worry this time for the 4-inch screen for the next iPhone because every time a new iPhone release is expected, we come across these rumors.

What do you people think about the 4-inch display iPhone? Will it be a success or downfall? Would you people buy it or not?