The speculations running up to the big announcement by Apple in the month of September stepped up a few notches as reports that iPhone 5 will be available for pre-orders starting September 12th. This is the latest news on the highly awaited Apple product in the midst of an avalanche of leaks that have surrounded the iPhone in the last few weeks.

The Cupertino based firm seems to have come out with a new launch strategy for the iOS 6 device as the previous versions of the iPhone used to become available for pre-orders a couple of days after the launching event. However, this time around it is being rumored that soon after the official announcement of the new device on September 12, it will be available for pre-booking.

White iPhone 5 Images

White iPhone 5

Sources have also confirmed that Apple is planning on a store release for the same starting September 21. The website is being expected to crack down under the assault of iPhone lovers, who have been waiting for long to get their hands on the smartphone. It will be available initially only in the US market and will be hitting the European markets starting October.

Sources in the likes of iMore, have confirmed that the Apple is also planning on a second wave of sales for the latest device for the global market and that will be starting in early October. There has been an indication that the release date for global markets will be October 5.

As the various leaks on the Apple smartphone continue to hit the web, it is a less than a month wait for the iPhone lovers now. However, there has been no news on the iPad Mini having a 7.85 inch display and which was being intensely rumored to be launching the same day as the iPhone 5.