Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

iPhone 5 Physical Prototype With Aluminum Back Cover

We have heard thousand of different rumor news and seen hundreds of illustrations of different studios and group of folks try to represent what Apple iPhone 5 will might look like, but none of them come to us with any satisfied result to assume it as the new design iPhone 5, and at last Apple by own announces the media invitations of iPhone Event, which going to held on October 4th.
iPhone 5

In the past couple of months, all the time we have seen numerous of design leaks from the folks of China, which almost leaks the original design of the iPhone 5 and through them many folks have made different renderings of the devices. But today ahead of iPhone event, we have seen someone has just collect all of the rumors and leak design measurements and finally produced an physical prototype of iPhone 5 with aluminum and glass.
iPhone 5 Aluminum Back Cover

Apple’s iPhone 5 to be a major hardware update to iPhone series, while Apple is rumored to launch two models of iPhone, the new iPhone 5 with identical new hardware design and the iPhone 4S with minor design changes but with a speed bump. Ben Miller of German mobile site, the guy who collected all the major information and build the first ever physical prototype of iPhone 5, the new prototype is to be build with aluminum and glass work, and at the end results was awesome! Let’s take a look into hisiPhone 5 Physical Prototype renderings:

iPhone 5 Prototype Real