Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures & Video Confirms Everything : Launch Date Almost Confirmed

Rumors are not taking the real shape with leaks of iPhone 5 coming out in parts by component suppliers and retailers. It now seems that the wait for iPhone 5 fans is over now as we have brought to you the first ever pictures of the upcoming model. Apart from the images, there are even some sources that have complete features and specs list of the iPhone 5. It was seen that pictures and features were kept a secret before the official launch of the phone. iPhone 5 or the Next iPhone may launch This September itself.

Even iLab, the repair lab of Japan has uploaded some amazing pictures of the phone on its blog as well as some internal components. The blog has published pictures of iPhone 5’s volume keys, home button, finished case and inner sticks that are used to connect various components.

The blog has leaked out device with share of completely assembled phone pictures on the blog. The pictures highlight the completely assembled iPhone 5 as well as show the way it will look on its launch. The completely assembled phone looks like details that have been accumulated from rumors from some time. The blog has even hosted complete picture gallery of iPhone 5 in assembled view. It even previews the inner components to the masses.

Now, below we present the complete gallery of upcoming iPhone 5 pictures. Just have a look below and see what the new device has for you. Book iPhone 5 as soon as it is available in the markets and enjoy using the Smartphone.

 iPhone 5 Leaked Pictures