Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 5 Lands In The Database Of Korean Carrier KT, With 16/32 GB Version

According to high profile rumor reports, Apple’s next generation iPhone, which is said to be fifth generation iPhone is just a month away from its launch, and the reports are getting heat now that the device is leaked to some guys inside Apple. Earlier this week, we got couple of news claiming that they have spotted the iPhone 5, along with that news, sources also start reporting that the new device is start appearing in the databases of carriers arround the globe, this time 9to5mac guys report that have managed to digg in to the database of Korean based carrier name “KT”, and founds out the SKU’s of iPhone 5, site also says at this they cannot confirm the claim at high end. But they have got confirmation of this from their two independent sources.

Here we have the image of Korean carrier KT database, which we got from the guys over 9to5mac. If you see the above image, there are some SKU’s appears internally named as a “AIP5”, which obviously stands for Apple’s next generation iPhone 5. Interesting thing is, there are three devices appears in the database, one for sure is a 32GB version of iPhone 5 and second will be 16 GB, but there is one still remains with tag of “00”, according to the folks this device will be unlocked device, which will be offered to users at the time of launch.