Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 5 Is Tested In AT&T’s Mobility, Coming As Early As By The End Of Month

Earlier today a report comes from the sources of Cult of Mac guys, which screws the all other rumors regarding the launch of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, the source claims that Apple’s next generation iPhone 5 is already send to the head quarters of AT&T’s network for the third party testing of next generation smartphone before officially launching it to public. The source has no record solid record in breaking the rumors about upcoming devices, but if the news is true, its mean that iPhone 5 could be announced by the end of this month.


According to Chip Hazard, a site whose record on such matters is dim, to say the least:

Our sources claim that the next generation iPhone is in the hands of beta testers right now. They are running tests, including but not limited to signal reception and connectivity tests. They have been given the pre-release version of the iPhone 5 and as soon as they are done with the testing phase, the final work would be sorted out and Apple would then direct manufacturers to start producing hundreds of thousands of new iPhone 5 units, so that they could be timely shipped to millions of anxious iPhone users, and prospective iPhone owners, around the globe.

So according to the website, iPhone 5 has been in AT&T’s hands since July 6th, or about five days ago. We are not going to say you to believe or go with the news, because every day we come across to the new rumor report which totally smashes down the recent rumors, but if the news is true than its means that we could see an official announcement of the next iPhone by as early as July 20th.