Mon. May 23rd, 2022

iPhone 5 Is In 4G LTE Carrier Testing

Folk’s before a few secs ago BGR reported that iPhone 5 which has been rumored all around the WWW is right now being tested for 4G LTE. As the folk’s around WWW claim that the next Apple Media Event is going to take place on 7th September 2011 and the rumors are also are flying that at this event in which Apple always unveil new stuff related to music rather than this or with this the next iPhone will be shown off too and it may launch in the end of September or October.

They believe that the next iPhone launches or not but Apple is working on it’s next step. They got confimred about the 4G LTTE trsting in the breakup of iOS .plist file in which it’s shown that there is an integration of 4G LTE in iOS.

Well they are not sure that the next device will have a 4G LTE capable modem these pics make us believe that Apple is running up.