Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

iPhone 5 Hands On Picture

Guy’s there were many leaks and rumors but today we guess it has come to an end because a picture got on a profile today (Mark Gurman), the geek who has revealed the iPhone cases at 9to5Mac. Its a hands on of the iPhone 5. The covers/cases which were leaked yesterday and day before yesterday were right because this looks like the slim thing and because its the picture of the front panel only so you can’t say anything. Why is this the iPhone 5 ? It is because it has a wide screen of course. Below is the fourth generation of iPod Fourth Generation and then the leaked picture of iPhone 5.

 And the iPhone 5…

Well to differentiate we have got both the pics of iPod 4 and iPhone 5. If you see in the iPod 4 it has an epic round shaped slim design and looking on to the iPhone 5 also looks as the same with a wide screen running iOS 5. So what do you think is it a Photo Shop editing or the final leak/revelation ??