Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPhone 5 Cases From Case-Mate Suggests Revamped iPhone 5

It seems after this no one come to us with the rumor report and saying that iPhone 5 to looks like an iPhone 4, since the start of the year we have been hearing that iPhone 5 to carry the same design as iPhone 4 had, in addition to it Apple to make slightly changes in the design rather than throwing complete new design. But now it seems that there will be an iPhone 5 with having couple of identical design changes. As noted by the BGR, some of industry rulers are also getting into this business such as Case-Mate, has release couple of the images with having their own iPhone 5 cases, suggesting a redesign iPhone 5.

Earlier today, Case-Mate opens up its treasure box and posted some pictures on the web which shows different iPhone 5 cases, the images specially shows up the redesign iPhone 5. he cases seem to show the same rounded and tapered profile of other iPhone 5 cases, along with the mute switch being move from the left side of the device to the right side. While on other hand, sources also has come to us with some decent amount of proofs which shows internal design of the codenamed “N94” iPhone model.


But we also can’t ignore the Case-Mate, the case manufactures are not dumb who spends millions of money in making cases of the upcoming device, so there should be something fishing going. Also we have heard from couple of sources that Apple to release two models of iPhone this year, one iPhone 4S and other will be iPhone 5.