Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone 5 Cases Are Now Available “Everywhere” In China

Once again we are here with cases of Apple’s next generation iPhone 5, and of course these cases are belongs to China. In recent few weeks, we have seen many reports come out and suggest that iPhone 5 cases are start appearing on the web around the globe. Now we are hearing from the fellows over MIC Gadget that these cases are now available “everywhere in China”, means now no more secrecy. Just like iPad 2 launch time, cases manufacturers are so much confident that iPhone 5 will carry the same design and they will blow the market with their exclusive cases. First we seen silicon made cases, than later sometime we came to know that there are also hard cases circulating around the web.

The MIC Gadget has published a gallery of pictures featuring the cases, as we learn from cases, the iPhone 5 will be slightly bigger than iPhone 4, and slim in design and may feature slight curve black glass. If the cases are correct, than this is really good for Apple that they have already some products ready to use with their next generation device, on other hand it is also represents that Apple has no security about their future products. It is not happening first time, we have seen the similar thing on the launch of iPad 2 and also heard that Apple has traced down that guys who leaked their details to third party and sent those people to prison in China for trading Apple secret.