Sun. Jan 23rd, 2022

iPhone 5 Back Cover Photo Revealed Its Presence

People at iFans made a very awesome discovery regarding the leaked iPhone 5 back cover case, which reveals that the pic was taken from an iPhone 5 prototype.

No one ever thought of to check the case carefully rather than criticizing on it. Like the same case a cover also showed up at some dealers website which was removed later on. If you have forgotten the back case of the iPhone 5 which was revealed, we can show you the same case again.

Whats to good about this photo? Don’t know? Now you will come to know.

Appman uses his mind and take some time to see what’s so good about this picture. After some hard work and the following procedure he comes to know the the mystery behind this case.

He used Adobe Photosop and did this procedure:

1. Inverted, then tweaked the exposure.

2. Tweaked color and contrast.

3. Tweaked the images’ “Curves”

Now have a look at the modified picture which was shown above.


While this isn’t a completely conclusive photo, we do believe that the camera used to take the photo was a working, prototype iPhone 5. Whether by accident or not, the photo was posted on Sina (the Chinese version of Twitter), and was picked up from there. Nobody else seemed to notice the reflection on the backplate, except for a few of our commenters (I didn’t notice it myself when I posted on it). This type of faking would take a lot of skill, time, and precision; more, I would think, than a prank would be worth.

Now see the original picture edited by us on Paint.

Till now it is not confirmed whether an update to iPhone 4GS will be made like iPhone 3GS or a new iPhone will be made, which will be called iPhone 5.

One thing is confirmed that iPhone 5 or iPhone 4GS would not have Flash with its Camera. This might be the reason people are trying to fake or make prototypes. And iPhone 5 may get 8-MP Camera from Largan Precision.

It is very early to say any thing on it. WWDC will tell who is right and whose wrong.

As per our guess it would be iPhone 4GS, Modified form of iPhone 4 White Color.