Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone 5 and “Simplified iPhone 4” Both Planned For This Fall

In many rumor reports, we have heard that Apple is developing two models of iPhone for the fall launch, from the rumors we have also learn that Apple is preparing second model of iPhone as a cheaper model of iPhone 5, and will be dubbed as “iPhone 4S”, and will carry minor specification updates. A new report comes to us and claims the same thing that Apple has planned to release the two model of iPhone in this fall, but the report doesn’t mention name of iPhone 4S, instead they called it “simplified iPhone 4”. The report comes from Brain White, analyst of Ticonderoga Securities, comments on the Chinese-language based blog Sohu.com, which claims on their source words that Apple and China telecom have ink a preliminary agreement.

iPhone 5

The report also claims according to their sources that China’s leading carrier plans to launch two different models of iPhone this year, but will start selling as early as on the end of October, which means an iPhone 5 and less expensive “simplified iPhone 4” or iPhone 4S. According to analyst, the new less expensive iPhone 4 will be “a more economical version of iPhone to target a broader customer base in developing countries such as China, allowing for an expanded market opportunity”.


So now what? don’t take this report seriously because we have no record of this source in past about the feature products prediction.