Tue. Jul 5th, 2022

iPhone 5 (4S) Test Model Prototype Looks Similar To iPhone 4 (PICTURES)

Some series of images posted on the microblogging website Weibo by a user and claims to the images of next generation iPhone prototype model for testing. You can see all of the images right after the break, these pictures republished by the Taiwanese based blog “Apple.pro”. The images was posted claims to be an images of “iPhone 4S”, a test model running iOS 4.0 and the spotted unit seems to be identical to the current generation iPhone 4 with a regular 5 Mega Pixel camera lens. The software running on the device seems to be a test version, which we have seen multiple times before on different prototype models.



One of the image shows the iPhone connected with iTunes, and show the prototype model as a first generation iPod touch in iTunes with iOS 4.0 and 5 mega pixel camera. As noted by the folks over 9to5mac reports if the prototype is actually an iPhone 5, than it must be codenamed as N94. The N94 is mentioned in next generation iOS as  a the next generation iPhone with dual band Qualcomm chip, A5 Processor Chip.