Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iPhone 4S VS Canon 5D Mark II Side-By-Side Comparison [video]

The newly released iPhone 4S is not doubt the best selling iPhone by Apple so far now. The newly released iPhone 4S made a new record of 16 iPhone 4S a second sold. With this amazing record, Apple has sold more than four million iPhone 4S’s in three days. The iPhone 4S got the same design and looks like the previous iPhone 4, but more sales have been recorded than the iPhone 4 why?

The reason the new iPhone 4S is generating more sales than the iPhone 4 is due to the inner change made by Apple. The design must be the same but the specifications are different from the old iPhone 4 and the specification are not only new, but are killer specifications. One of the best killer specification added by Apple is the camera. The camera is of 8 MP and you can shoot 1080p from it. The 1080p video making has blown out many well known professional photography Cameras which are pretty expensive and cannot perform better than the iPhone 4S.

For a while it looked like a rumor to us, but when Robino Films made a comparison with the iPhone 4S and Canon 5D Mark II side-by-side. The Canon D Mark II was equipped with a 50mm lens, ISO was set to 160 ~ 640, shutter speed was set to 1/60th, auto-white balance was activated and the camera was set to record at 30 frames per second at 1080p. The iPhone 4S was simply set to AE/AF locked. The results were pretty awesome.

See the video below and decide for your self.


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