Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iPhone 4S To Support “Low Energy” Bluetooth 4.0

Apple has introduced the iPhone 4S this year, while the whole world expects the announcement of the iPhone 5, but Apple has not actually hurts the expectations of their users and their investors, because according to them the iPhone 4S is the complete new from inside but only carries the look of the old generation iPhone 4.


Apple has described couple of its features during the keynote to only impress the crowd who holds their heart beats for the iPhone 5 but they introduces the iPhone 4S. Along with all hardware and software updates, we have come to know that the new iPhone 4S will support the new Bluetooth 4.0 the technology Apple introduces in the earlier this year Macbook series.

The Bluetooth 4.0 is the new technology chip that supports the numerous features including the “Low Energy Bluetooth” actually a new door opens to the iOS devices which allows us to interact with the devices without wasting much more power in simple tasks of sharing the new technology has not yet adopted by the any rival device makers, back in the start of the year Apple has joined the boards of the Bluetooth. And now they announces the use-age of the new technology in the upcoming iPhone device.

– Find Me – electronic leash applications
– Proximity – wireless locking and unlocking, out of range alerts
– Sports / Running – stats and vitals
– Health – heart rate monitor, blood pressure, glucose monitors