Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhone 4S Siri Ported on iPhone 3GS Successfully (VIDEO)

iPhone 4S Siri port to old generation devices is one of the most hottest topic among the users and developers, we have already learnt that it is pretty possible to port Siri on iPhone 4 hardware, not only the GUI of the Siri as well as the full program connectivity with Apple’s cloud servers. It is reported by the jailbreak hackers that porting Siri on other iOS device is Apple’s Software Piracy because the Siri requires some iPhone 4S firmware files that violates the law. Besides all of this issue, hackers actively announced today that they have ported Siri on iPhone 3GS hardware for testing purpose.

iPhone 3GS

As expected the results was not much acceptable, as the device carries three years old technology processor, and does not have any powerful microphone. Exclusively the Siri port on iPhone 3GS is done by the infamous jailbreak tweak developer Ryan Petrich with the help of Chpwn and Steven Throughton-Smith. They together port the Siri on iPhone 3GS, and demoed a video as a proof to public. They noted clearly that they will not release Siri port publically because it requires piracy.



As you have seen above in the video that results are not much acceptable, but still it works and run on iPhone 3GS. The microphone of iPhone 3GS is pretty poor than iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and therefore user have to speak loudly.