Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 4S Siri Port Requires Apple Software Piracy

One of the most impressive and attractive feature of Apple’s new iPhone 4S is the new “Siri” – an intelligent voice recognition based personal assistant, which provides text-to-speech like services and the most surprising fact is its only coming to the Apple’s new iPhone 4S means, Apple not going to bring the feature of Siri to other old iOS devices.

A lot of people had already lost their patience by hearing this news from Apple, but on the same time we also learned that jailbreak hackers claimed that they are actively working on the app to bring its functionality to other iOS devices but the work is in now pending list because the hackers need iPhone 4S to get some additional and exclusive files of Siri from the file system of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S Siri

MuscleNerd of iPhone Dev Team has just announced today that the process of bringing Siri on all other iOS devices such as iPad 2, because the device supports the A5 dual core processor and has ability to run the app is not impossible or not tough work but the port only happens when they pirate some of the iPhone 4S files from the file system and therefore they are not going to do work on it. Because according to the iPhone Dev-Team, this will involve piracy.


 Well this is not mean that its not possible to enjoy the Siri on all iOS devices, as they have said it is possible to port it on other devices, but the process of porting need some Apple’s copyrighted files which may get them in danger.