Thu. Jul 7th, 2022

iPhone 4S Siri Is Limited To US Only, More Features Will Come In 2012

As Apple’s new iPhone 4S launching today in more than seven countries, and many users are really excited to make fun with the new Siri virtual intelligent assistant, which makes it way directly to the hearts of the users after the first show off by the Apple at the launch event of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S already start shipping to the users all over the world where it is available and many users start reporting that they are facing couple of issues with Siri because the Apple’s new Siri would not working well outside the U.S. As the working of Siri is based on couple of popular algorithms like Wolfarm and Yelp, so yelp does not support location based services outside the U.S yet.

iPhone 4S Siri is still in beta and only supports few language integration but according to Apple soon it will get update and start supporting more features and languages. Siri is also requires internet connection to work better because the personal assistant sends out all queries to the internet servers to get answer of them. Some of the early reviews of iPhone 4S and Siri also makes it clear before the launch that the assistant is currently limited to the US only because of the third party systems. Also many users point out that Siri does not make any recognition between U.S. English, UK and Australia.


In Addition to the limitless of the Siri to US only we have found out in the Siri FAQ pages that the application will not get any major update from Apple until the next year on which it may contains location service features for outside US customers along other language recognition.