Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 4S Security Flaw: Siri Can Make Calls From Locked iPhone

Apple start selling the iPhone 4S over their Apple Stores around seven different countries and the device already making great noise all over the world. The most latest review of iPhone 4S led us to the iPhone 4S security flaw, which allows Siri to make calls from locked iPhone and also allows you to control the iPhone in the locked state.

The new Siri Security flaw allow users to make phone calls and different queries while the iPhone 4S is in protected state by the passcode. This security flaw seems to be by design of the Siri working. According to the early reviews of the device we come to know that there is a option under the settings app which allows you to disable the working of Siri on iPhone 4S while in the locked state, so you can easily turn it off by choosing option under settings if you want kung fu panda security on your iPhone 4S.