Sat. Mar 6th, 2021

iPhone 4S Pricing Announced And iPhone 4 8GB Revealed (Details)

Today Apple released iPhone 4S. Many of the people were expecting iPhone 5 this year. Some of them sold their iPhone 4 in order buy iPhone 5. Unlikely what they expected never came out. But iPhone 4S is available on the same price as the iPhone 4 was available. The price list is shown below:

16GB $199

32GB $299

64GB $399

After seeing the price of iPhone 4S many of you won’t be disappointed and some of you might be. iPhone 4S is no doubt the same design as the iPhone 4 but from inside it is totally a new world with new capacity level of 64GB. Now that’s a huge one.

The long rumored iPhone 4 8GB is also available for $99. We all were expecting something big like a whole new iPhone this year, but Apple some how never released a new iPhone but they repeated the history like the year in which they released iPhone 3GS.

After iPhone 3G they released iPhone 3GS and not the same, iPhone 4 2010 and now iPhone 4S. We were expecting something different this year. How ever Apple didn’t disappointed us after releasing its iPhone 4S with the same old design. The design must be old but from inside it is a killer machine.

After the launch of iPhone 4S, iPhone 3GS user shouldn’t be disappointed because it wont be discontinued and the best of All, it will be free on contract.
So many of you can now get iPhone 3GS for free.

A part from iPhone 4S and iPhone 3GS, Apple also announced iPhone 4 in 8GB of capacity. The 8GB capacity rumor was one of the top rumor in the past and the leaks were shown on the most well known carriers.

So how many of yo are going to buy the new iPhone 4S? Count me in.