Fri. May 27th, 2022

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders In Taiwan Surpass 380,000 Units

The newly launched iPhone 4S is making its way to may countries world wide. Before the iPhone 4S lands in a particular country, The demand for the iPhone 4S is so high that the carriers couldn’t meet the demand and limits the stock per user. This ain’t the first time that we would be hearing about the great success of iPhone 4S pre-orders. The first success by iPhone 4S Pre-Orders was made on AT&T when the company announced that they have crossed 200,000 pre-orders in less than 24 hours. After AT&T, we came across many other carriers like Verizon and etc claiming to have a boost in iPhone 4S sales.

The newly launched iPhone 4S is not re designed or got any new super cool feature which is boosting the sale of iPhone 4S every where, where it is launched. The only new thing in iPhone 4S is SIRI and some hardware improvements. The design is still the same as of iPhone 4. Still iPhone 4S is making breakthrough sales every where in the world.After making a record in USA and other Countries, iPhone 4S routed towards Taiwan and made another record in Taiwan. The pre-orders in Taiwan started on December 1st and within 5 days the new record came up with 380,000 units, breaking all the previous Phone launched records.

According to Focus Taiwan:

All three of Taiwan’s major mobile operators are offering Apple’s latest smartphone device on their networks and have all said that they have received higher than expected preorders for the handset.

Taiwan Mobile and Far Eastone opened preorders for the handset on December 1, with Chunghwa Telecom opening orders the following day. According to local media reports, the sheer weight of traffic from iPhone 4S buyers caused operator websites to crash as customers rushed to grab free gifts that had been offered alongside the device.

The Taiwan’s largest telecom, Chunghwa Telecom expected the pre-orders for iPhone 4S to be less than or equals to 150,000. The demand was so high that they had to increase the bandwidth of their website in order to cope up with the huge traffic. Still they were un able to cope with the  huge traffic and their website got crashed. The huge demand of iPhone 4S is making its way towards success and breaking all the previous of records of Phones sold.

The sales of iPhone 4S is no doubt a big success for Apple in their history and iPhone 4S has been recorded as the most selling iPhone in the world. Any ways the iPhone 4S will go on sale on 16th of December in Taiwan, following the launch in Russia and Brazil.