Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPhone 4S Pre-Order Shipment Gets A Treatment Of 1-2 Weeks Internationally

Those of who were waiting for the iPhone 4S to get to them on 14th of October, some how got unlucky. Not every one got unlucky, the people who placed online order with Apple Stores Online in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK got the time slipped to 1-2 weeks from the release date of October 14th.

Every new order from the above Countries will face a delay of 1-2 weeks from the Pre-Order date of 14th October. How ever people in U.S are lucky that they will be getting their Pre-Orders on time, that’s the same day on the release.

Those who got lucky and made the order before the Apple Online Store went out due to some problems are requested to return to Apple.com and complete their orders and they must complete the process by 5:00 PM Pacific Time tomorrow in order to retain their order status.

And yeah. If you are planning to buy an iPhone 4S Factory Unlocked one, so don’t make a move and don’t go and stand in the line because the Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S will debut in November in U.S.

So how many of you got lucky from the above mentioned Countries for Pre-Ordering iPhone 4S?