Wed. May 25th, 2022

iPhone 4S Only To Come Next Month As New iPhone

Another analyst report comes to screws down the whole rumor and news report by claiming that there will be only iPhone 4S in this fall, no redesigned iPhone 5. While all other people reporting that Apple is up to announce two new models of iPhone this year.

Apple is reported to holding an media event on October 4th to announce iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, Wedge Partners analyst Brain Blair, says according to his research Apple will only introduce one new model and the model will be iPhone 4S, in short he is saying Apple going to lose his large number of users by doing this thing.

But if we look into back, there are couple of rumors and leaks regarding the iPhone 4S but not about the iPhone 5, even there is no leak detail about its design, and this thing forcing us to think again that is Apple going to launch iPhone 5 or just an iPhone 4S with speed bump? Apple iPhone 4S is rumored to support 8Gb flash memory along with A5 processor and some slightly design changes in it.  We are again in the black hole with this report,  because lack of iPhone 5 evidences. We have only seen couple of cases leak, not a solid leak information from any of Apple employee or connected firm.

via BGR