Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iPhone 4S Now Available In Retail Stores On Reservation

After announcing today’s massive success of iPhone 4S, it seems that Apple has quietly updates the “how to buy page” on its official websites, the new page is pointing users to the reservations of the iPhone 4S and saying that the new iPhone 4S is now available at the local retail stores but only by reservation of the device before the actual hookup from the store.

The new iPhone 4S buy page recommends users to reserve their iPhone 4S device a day before the actual purchase from the retail store, but it seems that Apple has also imposed some sort of restrictions on the off-contract reservations for the iPhone 4S, if you are seeking to purchase the unlocked iPhone 4S then you have to reserve it after 9:00 PM, so you can pickup it by tomorrow.

According to MacRumors, an Apple representative told them that supplies may  disappear soon from the retail stores, and Apple will point everyone to the reservations for the device. In this method Apple can reduce the number of users, who leaves the retail stores with empty hands. It seems highly unlikely that Apple would push away a customer who would come in to buy a device. Perhaps they’ll be selling the remaining stock to those who walk-in. Customers can also order the iPhone 4S online.