Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 4S Leak Casing Looks Like iPhone 4 With Some Antenna Changing

We have already heard couple of rumors claiming that Apple will release a cheaper iPhone model this fall along with the next generation iPhone 5, according to the rumors mill device looks similar to the fourth generation iPhone but with slight design change, many geeks named it as “iPhone 4S”. Now today is reported that a series of images hit the web which shows the case of the rumored device, we are bit confused here with the term “iPhone 4S”, if the images are not fake than we can surely claim that iPhone 4S to looks similar to the current generation iPhone 4, but with change in antenna location.

As we have posted the pictures above, you can see that the case of handset looks similar to the iPhone 4 design, with no identical change in design. However folks of MacRumors noted a change in the location of the antenna, suggesting that new location of antenna will fix the popular issue of “antennagate” in iPhone. Last week we have heard from some reliable sources that Apple to introduce a cheaper model of iPhone, to grow its business as the new CEO Tim Cook said in the past that Apple has something special for this year, which will bring our iPhone to poor people also, as of this moment nothing is officially confirmed by Apple.