Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhone 4S Landing In INDIA On 25th Of November 2011 (Confirmed)

People living in INDIA are/ were waiting for iPhone 4S official launch in their respected cities will have to wait for few more days till they get iPhone 4S officially in their country. The carriers are not different. They are the same which launched iPhone 4 in INDIA, in mid of May.

The official confirmation of iPhone 4S launch comes from The Times of India which is reporting that Apple will start selling iPhone 4S on their old carriers in India which are Bharti Airtel and Aircel. The date for the official launch is 25th of November where as the pre-order will begin on 18th of November and the sale of iPhone 4Swill start at when the clock will struck 00:01 AM making the date changed to 25th November 2011.

Aircel has published the teaser Ad of iPhone 4S on its official Facebook page. The Ad says coming soon, but on its website the details are up.

Till now no official words have been said about the pricing of the iPhone 4S in India. How ever Aayush of The Next Web has done some conversion of the price from US$ to Indian RS and stated the price as follow:

Based on the latter’s launch and the fact that the unlocked iPhone 4S starts at $649 in the USA, however, we expect to see the iPhone 4S to be priced somewhere between ? 35,000 and ? 40,000 for the 16GB model and offered carrier unlocked with a reverse subsidy.

It is also believed that the prices of the previous iDevices, which include iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS- will drop from the current retail of ? 34,500 and ? 19,990 respectively. This time iPhone 4S is coming just after 42 days of launch in U.S.A to India.

So how many of you are going to buy the new iPhone 4S after it lands in India?