Mon. Aug 8th, 2022

iPhone 4S Hands On Video: Siri Demo and Benchmarks

As we have reported earlier today that the carriers has start notifying users about the shipment deliveries of their new iPhone 4S, just ahead of the official launch date of the device, October 14th. It seems that someone around the web has actually got their hands on the device and to proven the claim they have shoot the video of Apple’s new intelligent personal assistant “Siri”.

The folks over has shows of the video of new iPhone 4S with some earlier benchmark results, the video shows of the internal settings of the iPhone 4S Siri settings, which popups up in the general setting instead of its own pane in the The Siri settings shows the toggle interference to turn Siri On/Off, change Language Settings, Voice feedback, My Info and enable Raise to Speak.

The video also shows up the new feature of Siri, which was rumored by the sources back in July. The new Siri carries a function which automatically turns on the personal assistant, if you bring your iPhone 4S to the ear. In addition to this report, another story claims iPhone 4S Siri also uses the motion sensors of the iPhone for this feature.

Earlier benchmarks of the iPhone 4S in Sunspider shows a total score of 2222.1ms and a BrowserMark score of 89567. As Apple said, the new device will blows up all old iOS devices with its performance of A5 dual core processor, as noted by the geeks the benchmark scores are twice from the iPhone 4 running iOS 5 result. The iPhone 4S doesn’t officially launch until October 14th. Some readers have gotten early ship notices, but we hadn’t heard of any deliveries thus far. It’s not clear how this person obtained their iPhone 4S.