Fri. Jul 1st, 2022

iPhone 4S Cases Start Landing On AT&T Retailers Shops

While all the rumor mill is busy in responding to the demands of iPhone 5 leaks, especially about the iPhone 5 cases because to know about the design of iPhone 5. The famous jailbreak hacker @Chronic and its very own twitter account @Chronicwire posts some new images of the Otterbox cases labeled as “iPhone 4S”. While publishing images he claimed that the Otterbox has produced nearly 3,000,000 cases for the Apple’s low cost “iPhone 4S”


Chronic has published some sketchy images of the actual iPhone 4S cases, which shows the back of the case and shows the device will having a volume button on the right side instead of left side. As this news was already reported by the couple of sources a long time ago. The leak of iPhone 4S cases have not revealed such a change in the design of the device, but its still unclear whether the rumored information is correct or not.

While on the other hand, BGR also comes up with a source saying that AT&T has begun refreshing the iPhone 4 cases but with with a change in the back opening for the camera. BGR says may be these cases are for the long rumored device “iPhone 4S” which is said to be carry the different camera sensor for the 8-Megapixel camera lens. Apple is also on the move, and latest rumored to holding an event in the start of October to announce the next generation iPhones. Apple recently strongly rumored by the high profile sources that they are coming with two models of iPhone this fall.