Wed. May 25th, 2022

iPhone 4S, Bill Of Materials Suggest The Cost Of $188 For 16 GB

Since the Apple has launched the iPhone 4S, we have seen couple of tear downs of the device and already seen a guy while testing the first drop down of the device, and seen the most hectic move by the guy who tested the durability of the iPhone 4S by blended it in blender. Well after all this action drama, we come to know that finally someone arrived with really amazing information about the new device.

HIS iSuppli has just come today and publishes the report of their iPhone 4S analysis, as they have done in the past with other iOS devices. According to their new iPhone 4S today’s report they have teardown the device and estimated the BOM of $188 for the 16 GB device, while revealing the BOM of the iPhone 4S which is similar to the iPhone 4 they have actually revealed the some rumored information about the device component makers and their supplies.

The BOM of $188 is obviously for the lower model of the iPhone 4S (16 GB), which would also inflate to $196 if factoring in an $8 manufacturing cost. BOM for the 32GB model comes in at $207 (again, before manufacturing), and $245 for the 64GB variant. There report has also disclosed the two new component suppliers of Apple, in the first teardown of iPhone 4S from iFixit we learn that Toshiba has supplied the NAND memory’s for the iPhone 4S but now according to the new report Hynix Semiconductor has also supplied the memory modules for the iPhone 4S.