Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhone 4’s Battery Is Much Better Than iPhone 4S’s

Folk’s the hot release in the market of Apple is the iPhone 4S. Comparisons, reviews, competition and many of stuff is rolling around the WWW. One of the issues seen out in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S are the battery and antenna issues, antenna issues are solved in the iPhone 4S but what about the battery ?

On the iPhone 4S release day we pushed you out the comparison of the super smart phones in the market that how much longer can you hook up with them whilw using sellular datd (3G) in which iPhone 4 (CDMA) topped all the smart phones. Guys at iLounge compared the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S in which they listed

  • 3G Data
  • Wi-Fi
  • Voice
  • FaceTime
  • Video Recording
The result all over favored iPhone 4… Yes, iPhone 4 the battery of iPhone 4 is much better than iPhone 4S’s rather the hard ware is drinking up the battery of iPhone 4S’s of course it could and both of these iPhone’s are form AT&T.
iLounge believes


If you spend much of your day near a Wi-Fi network and only rely upon the iPhone 4S for web browsing and phone calling, you won’t notice a major difference—unless you’re thinking of switching to Sprint, in which case we’d be a little concerned. Similarly, if you use 3G data, plan to record or play videos, or want to listen to hours of audio during the day, you can expect greater battery drain from the iPhone 4S.