Sat. May 21st, 2022

iPhone 4/5 Gets NFC Technology In South Korea From Carrier KT

It appears that iPhone 5 might get NFC technology, but at-least not from Apple. Near Field Communication is one of the most hottest feature in the smartphones, and folks are now turning in to it to attempt it. While there was no evidence from Apple or neither we have seen any leak which suggest NFC technology in iPhone 5.


South Korean carrier KT comes up with their own cases bumped with NFC technology and also announces their own plans for iPhone 5 extra services. The case is not only due for iPhone 5, they have made cases for the iPhone 4 to add the ability of NFC technology in Apple’s iPhone.

The cases is to be known as iCarte and developer by a Canadian company named Wireless Dynamics. This NFC case will give KT iPhone customers the opportunity to finally use their iPhone 4 as their digital wallet. KT’s service will also include a pre-paid “transit card” so users could use their iPhone with the NFC case as their point of payment for transportation.