Folks, this reply of Sherif Hashim to one of his follower on Twitter will make you happy in which he is confirming that the unlock of iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.1, Baseband 2.10.04 and 3.10.01 is coming soon and may come before January 16.


(In Arabic) Gerges2001: @sherif_hashim mn el a5r keda ,, el gish bta3y ibd2 ioom 16-1 ,, hal72 el unlock lel iphone 4 wala eih el kallam ???

(English Translation) Gerges2001: @sherif_hashim I’m going to perform military service by January 16, will I get the unlock before this date?

Sherif_Hashim: @Gerges2001 sure

So its means that iPhone 4 unlock is coming soon! So Guys Follow Us on Twitter or Facebook for latest news on iPhone 4 unlock Baseband 2.10.04 and 3.10.01.