Tue. Jan 18th, 2022

iPhone 4 Runing iOS 4.3.1 Reports Heating Issues for Some Users

When iOS 4.3.1 was rolled out it was meant to fix the Battery Issues which were faced by many of the people on their iDevice. After the day it came out not long, people started to report the Heating issues on iPhone 4 runing iOS 4.3.1. The battery issue was solved, but another issue showed up which of Temperature issue. A few days old post at Apple Discussions states that people are facing serious Temperature issues on iPhone 4 running iOS 4.3.1.

This issue is not a new one. This type of issue has been faced once or twice or many times before. The thing which is very strange is that, till now this issue is not even resolved by Apple. Apple should take some serious action against it.

This is what the User has to say:

I upgraded to the new ios version last week and noticed my battery would drain 20% in one hour even when turned off. It was also very hot when Off. I read through and followed delete exchange accounts, turn off ping..etc. I did turn on airplane mode and noticed in a few minutes it phone was not hot. Battery only drained a few % when on. The phone is not much good in airplane mode. Something does not agree with the last iOS upgrade.

If you are also one of the iPhone 4 users facing the same problem, So do make us aware of it.

via [geekword]