Sun. Sep 25th, 2022

iPhone 3GS To Be Offered For Free On Contract

While all of the world is looking towards the announcement of Apple’s next generation iPhone 4S/5 and long rumored low cost iPhone 4 with 8GB of capacity. We just realized that we are missing something here which could make few people happy, actually we are pointing towards the iPhone 3GS.

Do anyone know what actually Apple will do with its iPhone 3GS after the launch of new device? Will Apple dump the iPhone 3GS in the river?

Well not really. As iPhone 3GS is two years old and Apple is not in the mood to discontinue it. According to the user mind study, a lot of people still want the iPhone 3GS for their rough use and Apple has already cuts its price to $49 with contract, iPhone 3GS still rules the selling charts by placing at 2nd number after the iPhone 4 in the U.S and U.K.

According to a new Market Research report from the RBC Capital Market analyst, on which he outlined the Apple’s upcoming fall media event and shares his expectations about the new devices and the new pricing details of the current device, present in the market. He only talks about the upcoming iPhone specifications, on which he expects that Apple to give HSPA+ technology to the new iPhone.

He also shares that according to his market research Apple will continue the iPhone 3GS but they will cut all of its price by giving a free phone on the contract.

Well we have not heard any pricing details from our sources, but we have heard that Apple will still continue the iPhone 3GS, but the analyst report makes sense, let’s see what will happen.