Sun. Aug 1st, 2021

$60,000 Of Worth iPads Stolen From Best Buy In 60 Seconds (What?)

This is really a big What situation. At first I thought this is some kind of a joke or some attempt to come into Guinness Book Of World Record, but sorry, some one else has made their way to Guinness Book Of World Record.

Any way coming to the point, the thieves seemed to be really impressed by the Movie Gone in 60 seconds.  They stole iPads worth $60,000 from Estero Best Buy,Florida in 60 seconds. That’s pretty amazing. The incident occurred Monday morning at Best Buy Located at Coconut Point, 8000 Mediterranean Drive, Estero, where the Alarm went on just before 5 a.m. Police report says:

Lee Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to an alarm activation at Best Buy located in Coconut Point, 8000 Mediterranean Drive, Estero, just before 5 a.m. They found the rear door pried open and merchandise on the ground.

From the surveillance camera footage showed three men entering the store by prying the rear door. They all were dressed in dark clothing with gloves on their hands, and had their heads covered.

From the surveillance video, it took the trio dressed in dark clothing and gloves just a minute to “complete the theft,” the police report says.

After the incident happened, the store manager made an initial check of the inventory and found out that 60-90 iPads were missing. So they might have taken about 60-90 iPads which are worth $60,000.

The search is made for those guys by Police. Hope they don’t start selling iPads in the parking lots.