Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

iPad 3 To Run Mac OS X and iOS Merger Operating System (Concept Video)

While we are in the era of tablets and may be going to see iPad 3 just because of the Apple’s Ex-CEO Steve Jobs and his team hard work, this year we have got the magical device from Apple called “iPad 2” and then later it was rumored by several groups that there will be an another hardware update for iPad later in this year.  As the days come to the launch of iPhone 5, we have noticed increase in the rumors regarding iPad 3, and its production. Since the start of the year we have seen couple of concepts from iPad lovers around the web, and in every concept we have found something great and new. It is also reported by main sources of tech industry that Apple to power its iPad 3 with A6 processor chip successor to the current version of the processor which have found out in the second generation iPad and now reported to see in iPhone 5.

iPad 3

We have also heard some unbelievable rumors regarding the Apple’s A6 processor, which claims that Apple to support its MacBook Air 2012 with A6 processor and also may be Apple kills its famous Mac OS X and merge it with the Mobile iOS via analyst report, well if you look into the Apple’s recent released OS X Lion you will found out the evidences of Mac iOS merge, Apple has just put some of the iOS content in Mac OS X, well all the reports are still sketchy and doesn’t comes from the official source, so we will suggest you to ignore them most. Today we have seen a video from the iPad lover, in which he shows his imagination about the iPad 3. The guys have make the concept video and show iPad 3 to host the Apple’s Mac OS X or iOS version but in the culture of Mac OS X Lion. Let’s have look at the video:

iPad 3 Concept Video: