Wed. May 25th, 2022

iPad 3 To Be Available On March 16th, Along Additional Media Event For Device Launch

In the last few days, many internal Apple Retail Store sources reported on the different tidbits regarding the iPad 3 launch, like the planning to launch a new Retail Store on the time of iPad 3 launch in the United States. Apple has been continuously reported by the sources, as being involved in the preparation of the big Apple Store event on the launch of the iPad 3 in the United States on Friday, March 16th. Moreover the Cupertino Company is expected to be launch a new big Retail Store in London’s famous Harrod’s Store, and as well as opening a new Retail Store on the same date in Houston, Texas.

ipad 3 launch 16march

However, the sources over the Apple Retail Store chain has reported that Apple is not planning to kick off a temporary store at SXSW in Austin this year ahead of the iPad 3 debut in the market. The Austin American-Statesman reported that Apple is about to drop the temporary store idea this year in Austin, and will move to something new. Last year, Apple built a temporary Retail Store at the SXSW on the iPad 2 launch, and provided a platform to the users to get the additional accessories for their newly iPad 2.

On the other side several sources have start reporting that Apple is about to kicking off another new subsequent type launch event after a week of announcement but the sources appeared to be blank on the further details about the new media event after the device launch. Well we believe that Apple has planned another media event to launch a new device (Apple TV) or might be a dedicated media event to International launches of the next generation iPad.