Tue. Aug 9th, 2022

Video Comparison: iPad 2 Running iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Tablet

This week Microsoft has also hit the headlines with the release Windows 8 Developer Preview and by giving away the Windows 8 slates to the attendees of their BUILD event. Just right after the first release of Windows 8 everyone start wondering about the earlier comparison between the Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsungs’s Windows 8 supported tablet. The folks over WinRumors has just got an earlier access on the tablet and perform a comparison between both tablets and produced a 11 minute long comparison video. They have attempted the comparison between iPad 2’s running iOS 5 latest beta and Windows 8.

It’s really superb work at this time, because Windows 8 is still at least a year away from its public launch, and also the iOS 5 is away from the public and final build, but the folks have done awesome work and produces a comparison video with less features of both tablets. Take a look: