Mon. Aug 15th, 2022

iPad2 Will Also Come in White Color?

Hey folks recently people at 9to5mac got their hands on the front screen of iPad2 which is in White Color. The color white makes a mystery for the iPad2. We told you before that iPhone4 was to come in white and it was delayed due to the color issues. Apple couldn’t fix the color issues of the iPhone4 which was said to be launched.

But here we can see that Apple some how finally managed to fix the color issues and it will release the iPad2 in White Color and Black also or can be only white color. See the images below taken from 9to5mac.

This is just the front screen of the iPad2 and it is in white color. The hole in the upper part confirms that this is the case of the iPad2.

No word on which color they will release. But it is confirmed that it will be coming on 2nd March 2011 which is only 1 day far and iOS4.3 is also expected to be launched at the same time.