Wed. Jan 26th, 2022

iPad2 Pics Leaked Before Few Hours Of The Launch

Hey folks this is the day when iPad2 will be launching and to the launch only few hours are left. Some Chinese company got their hands on iPad2 and they leaked the Pics of it.

The snaps come from Chinese-language site DGtle, which undoubtedly has access to the nation’s notoriously leaky electronics factories. As we’ve seen many times before – most recently with the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the PlayStation phone – kit goes walkies and ends up on the shelves of retailers in China’s Shenzhen district.

Below you can see the pictures of the iPad2:



To summarize, this model iPad2 If true, then iPad2 to have the following characteristics:

1, the whole is more thin.
2, the speaker moved from the back just below the lower left, and the speaker enlarged.
3, an increase of around camera for FaceTime.
4, the back becomes more flat.
5, the side of the fuselage into a slope.

Regardless how you show iPad2 model is true, and soon you can see the outcome, and sincerely hope that Apple will surprise us again.

So folks let us wait for the event lets see what Apple comes up with. We will also be covering the event so stay up with us