Mon. Nov 29th, 2021

iPad2 Can Be Vulnerable After USB3.0/TB is Introduced?

The day before iPad2 was launched and it is still now available for Online Order. When it was launched every one had one question in their Mind that

“Can it be Jailbroken?”

The answer came no. why no? because every Exploit which was used to Jailbreak older iDevices was fixed by Apple. The Limra1n exploit which was made by GeoHot to Jailbreak iOS4.1+ was fixed in iOS4.3. Now the hopes were on the SHAtter Exploit which was found by p0xininja has also been fixed and it was also confirmed. It was fixed before they found out that exploit even exists.

The last hope Stated by @MuscleNerd was Userland’s jailbreak which was used to Jailbreak iPad on OS3.2. If you don’t remember so we will tell you that the name of the Tool was Spirit and it was made by @Comex. Again badnews @Comex said that:

I must be really unlucky… I just realized that my best kernel bug was closed in iOS 4.3.

So all hopes were lost to jailbreak iPad2. All the Exploit holes are closed for iPad2. Looks like Apple got some nerds on the job.

But never to loose hope. Still there is a way left by which iPad2 can be Vulnerable and can be Exploited in Future. This is said by @Veeence.

Apple engineers must have had a great laugh at the drama around the leak… Anyway, bootrom will be vulnerable after USB3.0/TB(Thunder Bolt) is intro’ed.

So Apple Engineers you had a great laugh and no you will have a great Cry soon. So just wait for the USB3.0 to be introduced. It is not far away when this USB3.0 will be introduced. So people having iPad2 will have to wait a bit till the Jailbreak is out and then they can enjoy their iPad2.

Still we can count on person “The Sony Boy” AKA “GeoHot.