Tue. Aug 3rd, 2021

iPad Mini 7.85-Inch Tablet Production Closer To Reality, Coming In October

While keeping their title, DigiTimes an ultimate source of claiming the production and existence of the “iPad Mini” is back on the headline with a new highlighting document from a Taiwanese based news publication United Evening News, who is also making the similar claims over the iPad Mini and this morning publishes a report calling that Apple is hooking up number of companies to make a new supply chain for the production of the iPad Mini.


The report is also claiming that Apple has been in talk with Pegatron as its main assembler for the iPad Mini production, as well as giving some rest to its main partner Foxconn for this project. Apple and Pegatron already have a good relationship, as the Pegatron is the main contributor in the iPhone production, moreover Pegatron is also rumored in the past being involved in the production of iPad 3.

iPad Mini Release In October


DigiTimes citing with its sources detailed more production partner details involve in the production of iPad Mini. While discussing the iPad Mini production partners, the claimed that LG will be the main supplier for the iPad Mini display, as it will handle around 70% of all display orders from the Apple. However, the main supplier of display for the iOS devices, Samsung is appeared to be cut off from this project, as the both companies are busy in fighting on patent disputes around the world. The report also claims that Radiant Opto-Electronics and Forhouse will be contributing backlight components for the 7.85-inch iPad.



In addition to all these rumors, the Taiwanese based newspaper also has previously claimed widely that Apple is thinking to bring the iPad Mini into the front of public in October 2012. On the other side, Wall Street Journal also comes up with its sources in past by claiming that Apple is working on the iPad Mini project with several manufacturing partners, but it is not sure when they will make it public for the users or will leave it in the dark room.