Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022

iPad Mini To Feature Slim Bezel, Priced Between $249 – $299

According to some earlier rumors, Apple was expected to announce two new models of the iPad on the earlier this month media event for the new generation iPad announcement, but Apple only introduced one model in the public with some notable new hardware specifications but still carrying the same physical look similar to the iPad 2. The new-generation iPad is appeared to be spotting such a hardware specs that forces Apple to name it as a rebirth of the iPad series, and Apple named it as “the new iPad” instead of iPad 3 or iPad HD. However, many of you may have a question to us, where goes the other iPad model which was rumored to be appearing along the new iPad upgraded model?


The second iPad model, which was rumored to be appearing with the new iPad is labeled as “iPad Mini”, because it appears to be small in the size from the whole iPad series, and carrying fewer powerful hardware specifications than the original iPad. The sources around the Apple’s supply chain told, the smaller iPad Mini is still on the way, and under testing by many engineers and Apple’s manufacturing partners to make it more successful device for the prime time. However, the sources in the supply chain claimed the first exclusive feature of the slim iPad Mini, as the device is reportedly carrying a slim bezel than the other iPad series, and provides the maximum viewing area to the user.

On the other side, the new iPad is appearing to be carrying the same 9.7-inch size, along with the reality changing Retina Display panel that actually boasts its demand in the market. However, the iPad Mini is rumored to be featuring a 7.85-inch size that actually allows Apple to compete with the other tablet makers, and the rivals of the original iPad like Kindle Fire, and the Galaxy Tab 7.0. There are still no words from anywhere about the actual launch of the device, but it is rumored that the device is expected to be priced between $249 and $299.